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FAQs for Artist members wishing to post content on this website.
Below are a few questions and answers.  In time a selection of tips and useful information for members working with this website will be added. These will include tutorials for image preparation and writing statements.

What is my online gallery and where do I find it?
The Artist members’ online galleries are a section where members can put up a collection of six good quality images of their work and add a statement, website link and other contact details including links to their own social media networks. The galleries can be found here.

How do I add images to my gallery?
To add images to your online gallery and input other information for your profile such as a statement you need to get signed up to the website.  As you have to be a member to have an account on the website and not all members will want this facility, you need to request us to open an account for you.

Once you have your login details you will find the gallery and other control panels on your Profile page.  Further details on using this will be given to you at the time you are signed up.

How do I post a classified ad on the website?
Once you are signed up to use the website you will be able to place your own classified ads.  There is a section called Classifieds where you add new items and categorise them to appear in the relevant sections.  These are ‘mini-posts’ that are subject to a character limit and restrictions on content.  You may use images in the classifieds but they must be a reasonable size and we recognise that you may need to add e-flyers and info sheets at times.  Because of this a maximum limit applies to image uploads. The Classifieds can be viewed here.

What are Members’ posts?
Members’ posts are a bit like the Forum’s forum and a place that could get interesting.  Hastings Arts Forum members can post topics of interest and invite comments here.  Topics like “Places to buy potter’s clay in the Hastings area”, “My review of 3 top London exhibitions”, “Where next for Art?” and so on …

Submissions by members who feel like cutting their teeth at writing articles and reviews or any less ambitious items are all welcome.  The pieces should not be too long – remember the more succinct articles of moderate length are most likely to be read on screen; please include images or video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo), where relevant.  Further instructions on this will be provided on sign-up.

What members’ posts are not:
A Facebook wall for idle chatter, arguments and memes.
Advertising space (the Classifieds serve this purpose) unless it’s a really engaging article about you making things and includes sales info.

The members’ submissions to the website will always be moderated and won’t be published (made live) until judged fit.  The moderators will check the post for anomalies, typos, bad spelling and styling issues (all within reason).  Any obscene, inflammatory or otherwise unlawful posts and media will not be tolerated or published.





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