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Teri Walsh

Teri's artistic practice is diverse and she is always experimenting with both materials and techniques (often in combination). Her work explores the interaction and cross-over between 2D and 3D, negative and positive, and abstraction and realism, often addressing recurrent themes.


Taking photographs (both digital and on 35 mm black and white film) is fundamental to her practice both as a separate medium and as source material.  Since 2016 she has been making a large body of work called Trees & Roots looking at a combination of form, structure, and surface texture of trees.  As at April 2021 Trees & Roots comprises some 45 pieces including paintings, drawings, etchings, screenprints (in some cases combined with woodcuts) and three ceramic sculptures. She is about to commence work on a set of four screenprints related to ash die-back and its impact locally.

However, alongside Trees & Roots, in 2020 she started another project called Lines.  Whilst Trees & Roots is about natural forms, Lines looks at man-made structures (including, in some cases, their distorted reflections). Think bridges, American freight trains, railway tracks, overhead wires, staircases, the underside of roofs and certain architects (such as Calatrava and Candela, Piano and Rogers etc.).


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