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Katherine Reekie

Originally from Twickenham, London, I studied painting at
Camberwell School of Art – graduating 1986.
I’ve now been based in Hastings since 2000 and find the
local environment rich in contrasts and eccentricities which
provides the inspiration for much of my artwork.

My images are the result of an excellent traditional art practice
grounding, and an interest in the surreal.  As an artist I would
describe myself as a figurative surrealist.  My current work
explores the surreal nature of painting itself.  I find the act of
creating the illusion of depth and light on a flat surface
increasingly curious and exciting.

Through the simple process of making marks I find my painting
can communicate complex, ideas, information and emotions.

In my recent art work I have installed strange organic structures,
in equally strange landscapes to create, intriguing, seductive and
slightly unnerving visions of a managed environment.  Like the
figures in my landscapes the viewer is drawn to the equally
beautiful and grotesque forms.  My paintings, like other art forms,
employ the attraction of the unusual.

My aim is to get the art viewer engaged firstly in the subject
matter, then in the magic of the art.  I like to conjure the
sensation of believable light and space, and I arrange my
subject matter like props on a stage to evoke a sense of order
and meaning.  I want to lure the viewer into a world that seems
in some ways plausible, but strange enough to get them to
contemplate the logic of what they are looking at.
My intention is not to depict reality but to nudge people
to question and reconsider it.

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