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Danny Mooney

I have been painting and making art for over 25 years. I currently create portraits, wire sculptures and landscapes. I paint in oils in the studio. I also make a painting on my iPad every day of the year. In the past I've worked with a lighting designer to make neon sculptures and collaborated with sign makers and designers to make local information monoliths.

I love paint. I love the way it flows over surfaces, highlighting texture or concealing it. I add layer after layer of paint to my work until it feels right.

Some of my paintings are more 3D than 2D and some of my sculptures are as painted as my paintings.

If I’m not painting I’m drawing. I fill sketchbooks with 30 second sketches of people. My wire sculptures are based on these drawings and are very 2D. I like the way they look as if the drawings have jumped off the page.

All of my work has meaning for me but I like it when people use it to tell their own stories.

I’ve been painting and making objects for 20 years. I studied Fine Art at Goldsmith’s and Guildhall in London.

My work has been exhibited in the UK and America, and is represented in collections in the U.K., America, Switzerland, Japan and China.

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