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Tim E White – Intimate Immensity

Sea is mystery, a vast area of unexplored, uncharted territory where the true nature of our planet is exposed. From minimal sea sky horizons to explosive breaking waves, the sea has been the primary inspiration and subject matter for Tim E Whites fine art practice. His recent ‘Saccadic Light’ series shifts focus slightly to the transition between land and sea and what might be seen as a boundary between relatively known and unknown worlds. From vast open vistas to more intimate spaces Tim’s images aim to inspire and elevate the perception of the observer – Evoking the sensation of being immersed in the landscape with a boundlessness that references the notion of the sublime.

White describes his work as anti-paredolian – Where paredolia is the search for the recognisable in nature he is drawn to abstraction and minimalism. The viewer is often confronted by an image of profound dimension whilst simultaneously being drawn to the flat surface of the photograph, perhaps examining the act of image making itself and the somewhat paradoxical relationship between real and pictorial space.

Throughout history humanity has been captivated and entranced by the meditative relative calm of the sea sky horizon. A vision that has remained a constant, unchanging, shared with our primordial ancestors. It might be said that today in this noise filled, chaotic world this obsession has never been so profound. With his flattening of the photographic space and reduction of detail Tim aims to convey through pure colour and form some of this primal response to landscape. A drift into pure abstraction is only prevented by the textured traces of waves, clouds and land that emerge as little more than brushstrokes upon the picture plane. This strategy of image making is inspired by a rich inheritance of reductive aesthetics from Turner to Rothko. By its very nature photography involves abstraction, or the reduction of human vision to a two-dimensional representation. This compression of pictorial space, places us in what Gaston Bachelard termed 'intimate immensity’ where the space of the personal and the universal blend.

Tim prefers to shoot landscape he has a personal connection to or feels particularly inspired by. The UK’s South Coast, in particular East Sussex, has been his main focus returning again and again before finally settling here in 2018. Other significant locations include the Scottish Highlands and Iceland.



Mark Glassman

Living in East Sussex close to the sea and beach has been an on-going inspiration reflected in my paintings which have become increasingly abstracted. Instead of trying to reflect a particular location they are distillations of that experience.

Paint is splattered, thrown, brushed, diluted and washed over to express elements of the sea, the beach and surrounding landscape and in addition to create interesting textual surfaces and contrasts.

Recent work has involved cutting into existing paintings to reveal unexpected layers of contrasts and meanings creating a process of reconstruction and consolidation.


The Exhibition will run from  Tuesday 17th May to Sunday 29th May inclusive.

The Open Evening, Friday 20th May from 6pm to 8pm.


Tam Giles – Dissonances, Concinnities and Balance

Tam Giles was born in Lymington in 1930. In the 1940s she was sent to the USA sparking her awareness that led to her later artistic career. Following her return to England in the late 1940s she studied English Literature at London University and became interested in the broader arts. She was taught by Bernard Hailstone at Goldsmiths’ College of Art.

Her marriage to a diplomat in 1952 led to successive postings abroad to Iraq and then Uruguay where her serious art education began at the Ateliér Torres–García in Montevideo, from 1958–62. This had a profound effect on the direction of her art career. Later in the USA, from 1964–1968, she completed a master’s degree at George Washington University studying sculpture and painting and was influenced by the Washington colourist abstract school.

On her return to England, Tam taught at The Byam Shaw School of Art in London for 20 years from 1969, leading the abstract-conceptual workshops. She worked in two London studios ACAVA (1976-1997) and St. James’ Rd. studios (1997–2016). Over these years she not only guided many students who wanted to be artists but she worked on community arts projects and with local schools in conjunction with the Landscape and Arts Network, UK.

Tam’s personal work has developed in various disciplines, including large sculpture commissions, painting and printmaking which have featured in many exhibitions. Since her move to East Sussex in 2016 Tam has continued to explore her fundamental interest in rhythms, patterns and colour in a body of new works inspired by the surrounding landscape and the sea.

The exhibition is in two locations, HAF gallery and at the artist’s studio:

Woodhurst Lodge Studio
Address: Woodhurst Lodge, Ivyhouse Lane, Hastings, East Sussex TN35 4NN
Phone: 01424 257571
Studio open: 11.00am –1.00pm & 4.00 – 6.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday (or by arrangement).

A catalogue of the exhibition will be available for purchase.


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