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Margaret Roberts & Robin Thompson: Miracles and Wonders

Margaret Roberts works with natural materials – paper, bark, clay. Her working process is intuitive and tactile, letting the developing piece guide her, whether a ceramic sculpture, mono-print or multi-material assemblage.

Robin Thompson’s subject is our shifting experience of the natural world – landscape, water, mountains, coasts – in response to light, season, weather and our own mood and circumstance. His paintings incorporate natural materials to represent this.


Martin Bradshaw & Frances Bristow: Hastings & Beyond

Martin Bradshaw Interprets the sense of place that buildings and objects engender. Working mostly in acrylic on canvas and paper, he explores Hastings and St Leonards, and a broader view of the world at large, for inspiration.

Frances Bristow carves stone: granite, marble, limestone and alabaster. She is inspired by movement: waves breaking, leaves blowing – the natural twists and turns in nature and the human forum.


Monika Veriopoulos: Shadows

Monika Veriopoulos’ work is influenced by shadows. She says: “In Greece where I grew up, one is always conscious of the world of shadows. They become part of life, following one, ahead of one, undulating over the terrain, merging with other shadow shapes to form confusing patterns across the different surfaces”.

Veriopoulos is also fascinated by human shadows and she draws from life. These two aspects of her work inform one another. The presence
of figures in her landscapes and their relationship to it are suggested through forms that have no material substance of their own.


Phil Chitty: Scratching the surface

Phil Chitty’s paintings owe much to years of walking the Weald of Western Kent. Their structure references the land, its geometry and accrued history where boundaries, field enclosures, tracks and burial sites are just visible beneath the surface.

There are parallels with the process of painting in oils – compositions are created, layer by layer, so the final work reveals, by chance or choice, hints of earlier incarnations.


Rising Talent 4: Young and emerging artists

Rising Talent offers young and emerging artists the opportunity to submit work to be selected for exhibition.
As the invitation to submit work for the show is spread widely this show promises to include a broad range of exciting and innovative new work.


Robin Holtom – Still watching paint dry

Robin Holtom’s work is ‘Slow Art’ – work that needs time to make and time to appreciate, and was made over many years. This exhibition fills both galleries. Robin is known for brightly coloured paintings of landscapes and figures, and sculptures of dancers.

In this one man show, oil paintings, sculptures in bronze and plaster, watercolours, drawings, etchings and monoprints present an exuberant and a affordable exhibition.

Artist’s Talk
Saturday 24 August 2pm ”Artists should have their tongues cut out.”


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