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Waterworks includes a wide spectrum of approaches in watercolour, commanding freshness, exuberance and transparency.

New ways are still being found to explore watercolour’s elusive and shifting qualities. This has lead to artists extending the traditional scale of watercolours into large exciting works, that can be “hung” in a new way outside a conventional frame.

The six contributing artists are: Agnieszka Dabrowska, Raymond Mc Chrystal, Stephanie Fawbert, Marie-Louise Miller, Alice Maylam and Susan Miller.


Simon Chinnery

Simon Chinnery paints abstracts in mixed media including acrylic, plant powders and oils. His work is full of energy and movement, with much of his inspiration coming from natural landscapes and the amazing worlds you can see if you look closely at things.

“I feel that my paintings say something about the joy of painting as an expressive act and encourage us​ to think not only about the darkness we carry with us but also the colour, the brightness and the light,​ and how the contrast of these make us human.” Simon Chinnery


Kate Gritton – SOUNDINGS. In Search of my Father’s War

Kate Gritton’s exhibition began as a wish to document her father’s time in North Africa and Italy during WWII. Over the course of a year’s work however, the paintings that emerged became something other than documentary. Conflicting images of wounded flesh and tranquil landscapes, a sense of distance and very close reality reflect the emotional journey on which she embarked over a year  ago. The result is something both personal and universal.


Bob May – 50 Years On

This exhibition is basically divided into two sections; one is the photographic side that contains a collection of photographs of rocks and cliff faces that show interesting wear, colouration and strata. This section also includes some photographs of the foreshore.

Over the past couple of years I have been experimenting with various materials; some bought, some acquired, and some just collected whilst on my way. This second section contains dioramas and sculptures made from these materials.


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