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Volunteers show 2016

An opportunity for members (and non members) of Hastings Arts Forum who give their time and expertise to help run the Gallery to show their work.

The show will feature a variety of work in a multitude of different media by volunteers at various stages of their artistic journey, from the established professional  to the emergent.


Silver Fish & Vermin

Building on their show at Parndon Mill gallery, Harlow, Liz Boast and Kirsten Wilson’s exhibition covers all facets of their work: painting, printmaking and, as they are both silversmiths, contemporary jewellery.

“We both live in the middle of the countryside surrounded by all sorts of vermin (rats, foxes, fly-tippers etc). It is hard to find beauty in everything and vermin definitely bring out emotion and reaction where ever they appear. Everyone has their pet hate, hopefully our exhibition will be able to shine a humorous light on some.”

Their show includes a collaborative work entitled the Alphabet of Vermin – made up of 27 separate editioned works.

Liz Boast website

Kirsten Wilson website


Robin Holtom & Michael Wilson

A joint exhibition of sculptures and oil paintings by two established artists.

Robin Holtom’s work includes oil paintings of Venice, dancers, landscapes and sculptures from a variety of materials such as cold cast bronze, plaster cast and stone.

Michael Wilson is a locally based artist who takes his inspiration from the Sussex landscape and also from poetry, stories, mythology and the Bible. He spent much of his career at the National Gallery as a curator and exhibitions organiser before leaving to devote more time to his art. He works chiefly in oils and pastel, and also makes stone carvings in Portland Stone.


Lesley Barker

Private view continues on Saturday 13 August 12 – 3pm

Recently I have been experimenting with new materials and techniques.

This exhibition explores the visual and emotional response to the loosening of the day’s departure as it descends into night. This varies enormously depending on the time of year and the weather. It can be a visual delight or a quiet and sombre farewell to the day. This is what I explore in my current ‘Eventide’ Series of paintings.


Jill Fairbairns

Private view continues on Saturday 13 August 12 – 3pm

Jill learnt about painting from a few significant others including her Mother,  Anne Rooke,  Erica Cummings and Jason Bowyer. She has experimented with colour, composition, scale, and abstraction, using all sorts of paint, pen and ink and sometimes mixing everything together. Whatever the subject she looks for patterns and likes to keep things simple using clear, clean colour.


Mark Glassman

All of my recent work has drawn direct inspiration from my immediate environment of Seaford and Newhaven in East Sussex with particular emphasis on the shingle beach, the cliffs, landscape and the sea.

One of my most persistent themes has been the beach which I have taken as my immediate inspiration and I have played with the concept, abstracted the forms into simplified shapes and used the subject as a starting point for expressive exploration.

Sometimes the subject is people lying or sitting on the beach which through a series of layers may be subsumed by my painting process which may take months to create and while still retaining the ‘ghost’ of those images may become abstracted to the point of non-recognition.

While some of the paintings are recognisable as particular places such as Seaford Head and the cliffs at Newhaven they are always expressive interpretations through the filter of my personal vision and take liberties with ‘reality’. Often there is a accidental element in the process where the paint is allowed to flow freely, flicked across and down the canvas bringing the element of free expression into the organised process.

The art works sometimes contain elements from the beach itself, such as driftwood and shingle and integrates these within the structure of the painted surface to create a multi-media work of art that works on a number of different levels.

My exhibitions have included ‘Beaches and Ruins at Farley Farm House’ in Chiddingly and ‘Life is a Beach’ at the Hop Gallery in Lewes.

In 2014 one of my beach paintings was selected for the East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery and I have also been selected for the Threadneedle Prize and the Discerning Eye exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London.



The Big Heart Auction

The Big Heart Auction is an online charity auction in aid of children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House as well as Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival’s Umbrella Club which provides live art experiences for life-limited children.

Featuring 200 donated artworks from local, national and celebrity artists, illustrators and photographers, you can see selected artworks at St Mary in the Castle for a limited time, 21-23 June and then the complete catalogue at Brighton Dome 1-5 July.

One highlight for 2016 is ‘The Art Bird’ by the immensely popular Sussex-based children’s illustrator Sir Quentin Blake. Sir Quentin says, “I am delighted to donate The Art Bird painting to Chestnut Tree House for their Big Heart auction. As a children’s book illustrator I’m particularly pleased to be able to support this wonderful children’s charity in this way and I hope that my contribution will enable them to continue their invaluable support for so many families.” The eBay auction begins on 1 July and ends on 10 July. For more info and to see the incredible range of artwork up for grabs this year visit:

St Mary in the Castle, 21-23 June, opening hours 1–5pm on 21st, 10am-5pm on 22nd-23rd
Brighton Dome, 1-5 July, open 10am – 5pm


Eliza John

Eliza John

“The aim of my art is to produce images that evoke the experience of landscape, not in a literal representation, but as an instinctual response to how light affects shapes and colours.

The works of the contemporary British artist Nicholas Jones and the American artist Helen Frankenthaler are my inspirations, as well as the freshness of children’s art and the naive artists such as Winifred Nicholson and Mary Newcomb.

I enjoy looking for the abstract within the representational and enjoy simplicity in art and design.  Working in oil paint, acrylic, watercolour, inks and gouache, my aim is to focus on the physicality of the medium, allowing some freedom for the materials to speak of themselves so that the colours and accidental shapes reflect a beauty of their own.”



1066 Monophotographic

1066 Mono Photographic Camera Club is a progressive group of enthusiastic photographers who share a common passion for monochrome photography. Our principle objective is to enjoy our photography and create interesting and stimulating pictures that promote all genres of monochrome photography to the highest standards.

Production techniques are secondary to the visual statement. However all types of monochrome photography are encouraged and welcomed and we have a diverse membership who practice traditional darkroom photography, digital capture and printing, as well as alternative photography that includes cyanotype and bromoil print production.

The club meets on a monthly basis where members can display and assess each other’s work in a friendly and non-competitive environment, In addition, the club also regularly invites speakers, both internal and external, to attend the meetings.

The club also holds a public annual exhibition where all members are encouraged to display their work. In addition, the club competes as a member of the KCPA and encourages members to submit work to competitions.

We are always looking to welcome new members.

Full details of the club are available from the chairman, programme secretary, club secretary, or any member of the club.


Wendy Smith

Current paintings reflect experiences, memories and journeys. The colours within each painting have an emotional attachment and response to a situation or subject, striving to capture something spontaneous about the atmosphere and mood of a place or scenario. Compositionally, all the elements within the painting come together, almost stitched together as collections or groups of elements. Each prop, shape or colour balancing and supporting the next layer. Some areas are completely obscured by these layers and either pushed into the background or brought to the foreground.

The paintings are a reflection, combining memory and everyday ‘happenings’ and occurrences,  dressed up with the vibrancy of colour and the expression of emotion. The main focus is dealing with the sense of place and the physicality of that place, whether landscape or seascape. Before starting, I draw intensively at the site, the sketches are often detailed and repetitive; some of this detail is then transferred as drawing onto the canvas. The colours reflect and echo the scene but narrowed down to the most essential elements. Indian textiles and vibrant Eastern colour palette have previously influenced the paintings, creating a surface that is sumptuous and inviting.

Painting on linen and hessian, adds another dimension and rawness to these works and contrasts with the richness of colour and partly glossed surface finish. Each work develops its own identity and personality, to reflect the narrative or event that initially inspired the subject within the painting.

November 2015

Wendy Smith’s website



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