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  • RSS Nature Strikes Back (Valerie Grove on Blogger)

    • Lockdown letter to a friend... 13th May 2020
      Dear you know who you areTHANK YOU!!!! Got your little package of delight this morning. Really cheered me up.After good start with this whole situation (see post below) I have pretty much crashed into total gloom and apathy over the past week. Sick of gardening, cooking, and cleaning and can no longer even get off […]
      Nature Strikes Back
    • Coronavirus/Covid 19 and the Crowhurst Art Garden 23rd April 2020
      I am kind of enjoying Covid 19. In fact I feel better than I usually do. Crisis? Excellent - I know exactly how to behave in one of those. No choice? Excellent - I know exactly what to do without a choice. Official sanction for doing nothing has removed my normally intense anxiety about not […]
      Nature Strikes Back
    • The breakfast ritual 24th October 2019
      I've just started a creative writing course. In lesson one we learned about free writing which basically means you just keep writing without stopping to think. Interesting exercise that ended with a paragraph about how much my hand was starting to hurt after 5 minutes of non stop scribble. The homework was to write 1000 words […]
      Nature Strikes Back
    • Coastal Currents 2019 - 'Dance Movies' at the Kino - Review 3rd October 2019
      I like cinema. I like dance. I like music. So the three for the price of one ‘Dance Movies' at the Kino-Teatr as part of this year's Coastal Currents, was an absolute must. It not only motivated me to leave the house, but it also made me want to write a review.The event was split […]
      Nature Strikes Back


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