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Marybeth Haas

My work is inspired by love of and deep connection with Earth and the natural world. I enjoy experimenting with different media and delights in playing with colour, light and shape through photography, painting, collage, ceramics and sculpture. I am passionate about the value of seeking and experiencing Beauty in our everyday lives. I am also a keen beach cleaner and environmental guardian and I sometimes make art in response to environmental issues.

I am an artist who delights in working in a variety of media including clay, film and digital photography and video, collage and mixed media sculpture.

I have enjoyed making art throughout my life and my creative practice is complimented by my work as a UKCP accredited Psychotherapist.

While my formal training is in ceramics, I allow my creative expressions to flow through me in infinite and sometimes unexpected forms and I enjoy experimenting with different media. I delight in working and playing with colour, light and shape through photography, painting, collage, and ceramic and sculptural pieces. I feel passionately about the value of experiencing Beauty in our everyday lives.

I am inspired by a deep love of and respect for the Earth, which is probably one reason I enjoy working with clay so much. My work has often drawn upon the symbolism and traditions of ancient and often matriarchal  cultures because their Earth-based spirituality appeals to my sense of non separation with Earth and Nature and my desire to ground spirituality in everyday life experience. My work is also informed by my practices of yoga, meditation and dance.

I am currently experimenting with mixed media sculptural forms, all of which begin in clay and some of which metamorphose into other materials; some are obviously figurative; others more organically abstract.

I also create painterly photographic images that dwell between the abstract and representational, which offer an alternative perspective on the world which we inhabit. I am continually inspired by my surroundings and living by the sea affords me endless and rich opportunities to explore and play with colour, light and shape. I am continually excited by moments of spontaneous beauty which I seek to capture, magnify and express with my photographs. I also enjoy knowing the images I create are open to interpretation, offering a creative or reflective experience for the viewer as well. My conscious intentions, through my choice and manipulation of images, are balanced with an element of surprise and spontaneity, given the nature of my chosen subjects and the creative process. By working this way, I feel as if I invite Life to collude with me and the result often goes delightfully beyond what I may have intended.

I am passionate about caring for our local environment, protecting and cleaning our seas from pollution and encouraging people to remember our inherent connection with Earth as our body’s home in this physical world. I am increasingly inspired to make art that speaks of environmental issues and which speaks to waking us up to our connectedness with all of life.

PLASTICATION IMAGINATION: Photography, a free exhibition,  can be found on Hastings seafront Promenade between Rock a Nore and Grosvenor Gardens, 1-30 September 2018,  part of Coastal Currents Arts Festival and the 2018 Photo Hastings season

Some of my ceramic work can be seen at The Old Gallery, George Street, Hastings Old Town

A limited edition fine art photography book: Between Land, Sea and Sky: My Story of Hastings Pier in Pictures is available for sale at Hastings Arts Forum Gallery and Printed Matter Bookshop in Queen’s Road Hastings. The book is a labour of love with Hastings Pier’s restoration as its subject and weaves together my passions for making images that dwell between the abstract and representational, finding beauty in the unexpected, and enriching everyday life by gleaning the potential symbolism and meaning in the world around us.

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